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Steve Parker, born into a family which respected art and music, reflects within his personality both artistic influence of his ancestors and Texas childhood. Deeply passionate about his landscapes, Parker conveys his understanding of nature its depth, its moods and its ever-changing aspects to a broad and appreciative audience. After graduating from Texas Art Academy, Parker worked as a staff artist for the Houston Post. At that time he began studying under Lajos Markos, where he developed a strong appreciation for contemporary realism.

"I am continually fascinated with the fleeting effects of light and shadows observed while working outdoors and constantly exploring these tonal relationships and changing color perception's.  

Steve Parker works in his studio from part memory and part observation. His landscapes evoke in the viewer the feeling of having remembered a place once visited. There is a feeling of recognition, of the familiar and yet of the elusive. The visual space o f the painting entices one to imagine the changing light and atmosphere on a pond or a sudden mysterious ray of  light across a clearing. By looking inward, Parker has created a view which like nature is constantly changing.  These images have enough definition to become recognizable while retaining a loose painterly quality. 

Parker is currently teaching landscape and still life painting at the Art League o f  Houston and exhibits at the Jack Meier Gallery, as well as other galleries in the Southwest

In recent years Parker has continued to travel and paint in such locations as the Northwest coast of Washington, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. recently a trip to Italy to further study the classical Italian masters was undertaken. 

Parker teaches classes in outdoor landscape painting at the Art League  of Houston. his work is exhibited at the Jack Meier Gallery in Houston 

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